Visual Logic Brief Tutorial

If you have Flash installed, click here for a flash tutorial.

It is a time-honored tradition that your first program in any language be the output message "Hello World." We will follow suit and write a Hello World program using Visual Logic. Begin by running the Visual Logic program. When the program begins, you will see two flowcharting elements, Begin and End, connected by a flow-arrow. Click the left mouse button on the flow-arrow; the Flowchart Elements menu should pop up (as shown on the right).

Select Output from the popup menu to add an output element to your flowchart. Then double-click on the newly added output element, opening the output dialog box. Type "Hello World" (make sure that you include the double quotes) in the text box, and then click the OK button. The figure on the left shows how your flowchart should look after closing the dialog box.

Press F5 to run the program. The program executes, generating an output dialog box that appears with the text "Hello World". Congratulations! You have just written your first computer program!